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About Us

HOPE Ventures Inc. is a construction company with a focus on painting.  They are located in Clarksville and love  serving the community.  HOPE knows most things work out better, and life is more enjoyable when people choose to work together and help each other.

Woodshop Tools
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Paint Roll

Our Story

HOPE Ventures was created to help fulfill a dream to educate and assist underserved people to own their own home. Sunday’s sister Jamijo moved to the Clarksville/Nashville area in 2015 to be closer to her nieces and help the family.  Jamijo saw an opportunity in the housing market and wanted to start a house flipping business. After a trip to Memphis, Sunday and Jamijo realized that people who were renting could have  paid for their home three  times over and never actually owned the homes.  Out of this realization, HOPE Ventures was born. 

HOPE Ventures Inc. was founded in 2021.  The company's overarching goal is to be an asset for the local communities.  With the aid of the for profit business HOPE Ventures Inc. wants to create a non-profit that provides education and training to underprivileged and underrepresented groups.  HOPE will aid individuals in learning trade skills, knowing and building good credit, and basic functions of home ownership. The American dream can be achieved by everyone. HOPE Ventures Inc. wants to use the tools and knowledge they were given to help others achieve more.

HOPE Ventures Inc., is looking for more. They are looking to find more economic solutions, use environmentally sustainable products, and fewer resources that aid the client to love the space they are in. Three levels of services are offered to assist customers to be as active and hands-on with the services as the client wants to be.  The company offers Consultation Services, Education Services and Contracting Services.


 "HOPE is what allows me to progress through tribulations, over obstacles, to the future I have curated" - Sunday Wooden

Meet The Team

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Founder & President


Gloria Wooden

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Helping Hand | Administrative Assistant

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